Elena Agrizzi: A Success Coach Profile

I wanted to write this article to celebrate a truly extraordinary personality…and I hope to meet her one day.


Even before being a coach, Elena is a visionary artist.

As an artist she moulds female essences, exalting their beauty and sinuous certainties.


When Elena wakes up in the morning, she can not approach her work unless she has first renewed to herself the same promises that, with dedication, constancy and joy, are taught to all the women who meet her on their path.

Whether they are collaborators, partners or customers of that magical world represented by Magic Inspired Living, Elena’s coaching path where success becomes an attainable fruit and a no longer distant destination.


There are so many emails that Elena receives every day!

Women from all over the world who wish to find harmony with themselves and being able to attract the possibilities of the universe, in a mutual attraction that makes the same desires meet, in the same people.


The elegance and the light always present in Elena’s words, concretize as a personal experience the main characteristics of her coaching in an intimate, energetic and vibrant approach, which expresses in all its nuances how deep and permanent the transformation of a life can be.


Elena first experienced that a woman can reach success and realization in life, and you can read it on her face and in her magnetism.

Due to this, Elena can really help to find the hidden skills to become inspired and successful women.


Whether in a remote coaching session or during one of her fantastic retreats (next will be in May in Mikonos island), Elena always knows what is the best way to approach the complicated world of women, through sessions and paths where complicity and training become one.


Elena makes everything possible, through her specializations in the field, her in-depth knowledge of the personalities and of the various cultures, making a unique powerful method. Maybe  there are no other coaches in Italy with the same knowledge and talent.


And a lot of study and work are obviously needed, to offer such a creative experience, where all the strategies are put in place to make the abundance flourish from the heart of every woman


Therefore Elena is supported by various assistants for various activities that are not the core business (such as managing newsletters or social creatives).


As a virtual assistant, I had the pleasure of supporting her in optimizing her Linkedin profile and working with her was a very important experience for me.